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Award-winning handmade jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickles brought to you from the heart of Hadrian’s Wall country in rural Northumberland, in our converted barn kitchen in the village of Simonburn.

We cook all our preserves in traditional small batch preserving pans to provide the fullest of flavours, drawing inspiration from family and regional recipes, some dating back to the 18th Century.

Fresh high-quality ingredients are the cornerstone of producing such exciting flavours full of vibrancy with all our fruits and vegetables carefully selected to make the finest preserves possible.


Our Story

Northumbrian Pantry was founded in 2019 by Alice Murray, a proud Northumbrian who grew up in the North Tyne Valley not far from Simonburn where the business is situated.

Having spent several years in Botswana, working in the safari world with her husband David, Alice began making jams and chutneys on her home aga before moving into a converted barn where the business’s commercial kitchen is now situated.


Northumbrian Pantry Chutney’s

Northumbrian Pantry Chutney’s

Northumbrian Pantry started out with 1 chutney, Tomato and Pepper Chutney. It was the first chutney we made and is a take on one my mother used to make. Now, we have a range of 7 chutneys to choose from, and in this article, we will take a closer look at all of them....

The Northumbrian Pantry Barbecue Special

The Northumbrian Pantry Barbecue Special

The saying "Fortune always favours the brave" might be the perfect phrase to encapsulate our BBQ forays so far this year. Selective and occasional as we navigate the weather windows of the summer so far. When we venture outdoors to grill in the garden, we are rewarded...

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