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Great Taste Producer

In 2022 Northumbrian Pantry proudly joined the esteemed ranks of The Guild of Fine Food’s ‘Great Taste Producers,’ an accolade we may use having gained Great Taste Awards for three consecutive years.

We now have five 1-star awards with our signature Hannah Glasse’s Paco Lilla – Piccalilli receiving 2 Stars in 2021.

A Rich Heritage of Recipes

Alice’s journey in the world of preserve making began whilst helping her Mother make Jam for the annual church fete as a little girl, inspiring her to pursue formal training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Many of the recipes used in the Pantry are family recipes of yesteryear, with some dating as far back as the 18th Century. Hannah Glasse, the famous cookery writer (1708 to 1770) is an ancestor of Alice and grew up in the same village where our kitchen is situated.

Seasonal Ingredients

Fresh high-quality ingredients are the foundation of producing such fresh flavours full of vibrancy. All our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, whilst supporting our neighbouring fruit and veg business in the village as well as sourcing directly from farms in the region.

We are always endeavouring to find new local suppliers to support and help create a sustainable regional economy.

Cooking in small batches

At Northumbrian Pantry, we remain true to the timeless traditions that Alice embraced when she first embarked on her culinary journey, still making all our preserves in the same way Alice did as a youngster and with the same care and attention as she did when she first started the business, using small batch jam pans for every variety.

There is no better way to keep that homemade taste, flavour, and colour than by using the best ingredients we can source and by cooking them for the shortest time possible.

Community at heart

Simonburn is a small village of around 50 people in the North Tyne Valley and as such is a very close-knit rural area. In such a small place, embracing community values has always been ingrained in the core of Northumbrian Pantry.

The aim has always been to support local growers and suppliers as much as we can; such as our partnership with local growing cooperative Go Local Food.

Sustainability and the Environment

Since the inception of our business, prioritizing
sustainability has been deeply embedded in our core philosophy. While we strive to make environmentally conscious decisions, we also recognize the need to strike a realistic balance, considering the financial constraints of running a small enterprise.

We are committed to being as plastic free as possible and continue to work towards net zero. In the spirit of community collaboration, local residents give us their old newspapers for packing, a great way of recycling unwanted waste. As we continue to navigate our path towards greater sustainability, we appreciate the support and understanding of our valued customers. Together, we are committed to making a positive impact, fostering a sense of responsibility, and creating a more environmentally conscious community.

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