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The Northumbrian Pantry Barbecue Special

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Pantry Pairings

The saying “Fortune always favours the brave” might be the perfect phrase to encapsulate our BBQ forays so far this year. Selective and occasional as we navigate the weather windows of the summer so far.

When we venture outdoors to grill in the garden, we are rewarded with a bounty of flavours to enjoy. Our range of piccalillis, relishes, chutneys, jellies and pickles are the perfect accompaniment.

We have created an article covering our favourite BBQ pairings, combining the extraordinary flavours of our condiments with your favourite grilled foods.

Whether you enjoy the fieriness of our chilli flavours or the sharp and earthy beetroot selections, each one of our chutneys, relishes, and pickles is handmade in small batches. That way, we don’t have to cook them for too long, which retains their lovely fresh flavours.

Fiery Piccalilli and barbecued pork chops

Our Fiery Piccalilli provides a taste awakening. The mustard ingredients, combined with the fieriness of the chilli, complement the pork extremely well.

The fresh crunchiness of the garden vegetables is created by brining the ingredients overnight and then cooking in small batches, making just 12 jars at a time.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Relish

For a fierier option for your BBQ this summer, we have our Scotch Bonnet Relish. A blend of scotch bonnet chillies, fresh ginger and garlic, tomato, and red peppers, this relish brings extraordinary fresh, full flavours to your BBQ dishes.

Hot Dogs and Northumbrian Red Onion Relish

This must be our summer favourite so far this year. It’s super easy with hot dogs or sausages. We recommend slicing the buns vertically as pictured, placing the hot dog, and then adding as much onion relish as you like. Nothing else is needed, so this makes for the perfect mobile barbecue kit, which is great for the mini disposable ones for parks and camping.

Smoky Chilli Jelly and BBQ’d Lamb Chops

New for this year, our Smoky Chilli Jelly is already selling extremely well, anticipating our love of outdoor cooking at this time of year. We paired it with so many of our favourite BBQ foods, with burgers or lamb and pork chops toppings.

Smoky Tomato and Chilli Chutney

If we were to take only one jar to any of our friends’ BBQs, it would be our Smoky Tomato and Chilli Chutney.

It pairs perfectly with so many grilled foods, and its smokiness works well with anything char-grilled. Try pouring some onto pork ribs and marinating them overnight in the fridge – just delicious.

Northumbrian Pickled Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad

For a quick way to prepare an easy-to-make BBQ salad, use our Northumbrian Pickled Beetroot with Feta cheese, salad leaves, sliced tomato and some chopped cucumber.

A delicious tip is to use the pickling juices as a salad dressing drizzled over the salad.

Pickled Cucumber

Our Pickled Cucumbers are definitely my favourite burger condiment at Northumbrian Pantry. The pickling acidity gives it a wonderful tang, and the cucumber and pickling spices really bring out the burger’s flavours. It has been extremely popular this summer.